2010 in review

I saw a post on briancarper where he reviews the past year and it sounds like a great idea actually.

2010 Geek Achievements

  1. Wrote a few games earlier this year;
  2. Updated this site a bit.
  3. In the process I learned a lot of PHP, Javascript, mysql and design. Fun and useful.
  4. Switched to Slackware which I like a ton better than Ubuntu.
  5. Learned a lot more linux. Thanks Slackware.
  6. Learned a lot more git.
  7. Learned a lot more vim.
  8. Tried out and configured uzbl which I still use.
  9. Learned a bit of Haskell.
  10. Tried out Perl a bit.
  11. Learned a lot more Lisp.
  12. Switched to zsh. It’s fine after a bit of config
  13. Rebuilt a custom Kernel a few times, some failures but learned a lot. And got starcraft 2 to work!
  14. Read a lot. This years high were One Piece and Jeffery Deaver. Real World Haskell scores the highest Geek score.

2010 Non-Geek Achievements

  1. Moved to Linköping with my girlfriend Veronica and I didn’t just survive but I also liked it!
  2. Enrolled in a Linköpings University in Computer Science. We’ll see if it’ll get geeky later, atm it’s a breeze but we have a ton of seemingly fun courses to go.
  3. Took a massage course.
  4. Learned how to cook more than one dish.
  5. Did the dishes, expertly maneuvered our vacuum cleaner and did the laundry. More than once!
  6. Started Taekwondo and after a few months of hard work I even got a yellow stripe for my white belt!

2010 Failures

  1. Didn’t produce enough games.
  2. Didn’t write enough code.
  3. Got worse in my stumach towards the end of the year. Too stressed and not enough regular meals I guess.
  4. Didn’t blog enough. Sorry :(

Plans for 2011

  1. Get good results in school.
  2. Make more games.
  3. Code more!
  4. Blog more!
  5. Learn more Haskell (again). This time continue with the small irc bot I’m writing.
  6. Learn a few more languages and expand my knowledge. Maybe some low level stuff with C or assembly? Or some more higher level?
  7. Get a better sense of algorithms.
  8. Try to be a bit more social
  9. Get a new belt in Taekwondo.
  10. Be a bit more disciplined with training, coding and school.
  11. Loosen up a bit more so the stumach won’t mess anymore.
  12. Last but not least, keep Veronica happy and help around at home.

I thought I didn’t do anything this year I guess it’s been a productive year anyway. But in 2011 I think I’ll do a lot more still.