2011 in Review

It’s time to wrap up the year that’s been. Be warned for slight ego boosting here.

2011 Geek Achievements

  1. Wrote three games this year:
  2. Bought a new computer!
  3. Bought a mechanical keyboard.
  4. Bought custom Starcraft 2 keycaps for the keyboard.
  5. Learned 68k assembly.
  6. Learned about algorithms and data structures.
  7. Bought a lot of programming books.
    • The Pragmatic Programmer
    • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
    • Introduction to Algorithms
    • Modern Perl
    • Effective Java
    • Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!
    • Land of Lisp
    • Maybe something more…
  8. Read a lot of programming books. Modern Perl and The Pragmatic Programmer were my favourites.
  9. Learned some Ada.
  10. Learned a lot of Perl.
  11. Learned a tiny bit of Haskell.
  12. Learned some emacs
  13. Got a hint of design understanding thanks to Design for Hackers

2011 Non-Geek Achievements

  1. Went to a dance course with Veronica.
  2. My stumach is in good shape!
  3. Read and loved A Song of Ice and Fire.
  4. Achieved 7 kup in Taekwon-do.
  5. Read a lot of manga. Some recommendations:
  6. Bakuman. A nice slice of life manga about… making manga. Surprisingly captivating.
  7. Gamaran. A slightly brutal battle manga with loads of weapons.
  8. Vinland Saga. A bit more brutal battle manga about vikings and war.
  9. Beelzebub. Battle manga but with a ton of light hearted humor.
  10. The Breaker. Another battle manga, a bit more direct perhaps.

2011 Failures

  1. Didn’t produce enough games.
  2. Didn’t write enough code.
  3. Did not learn enough Haskell.
  4. Have a lot of books I haven’t read yet.
  5. Did not have enough free time.

Plans for 2012

  1. Keep Veronica happy!
  2. Make more games.
  3. Code more! Much more!
  4. Blog more!
  5. Learn more Haskell (yet again)…
  6. Transform my site to something new, something that I don’t dread to use.
  7. Improve in Taekwon-do.
  8. Be more disciplined in studying, coding, training and cleaning.
  9. Read the programming books I have but have not read yet.
  10. A book about Erlang.
  11. K&R C Programming language.
  12. SICP, all important for every programmers. I hear.
  13. Probably missed something… Damn I’ve got many.
  14. Get good results in school.
  15. Try to be a bit more social (it’s hard).
  16. Get more free time somehow.
  17. Complete a larger personal project.
  18. Learn more mathematics.